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  • The Ultimate Way To Adjust Your Business To Remote Work

    Implement Secure Cloud Information Management

    Secure Cloud Information Management (SCIM) is the right cloud-based document management system to help your business adjust to post-Covid realities. Reflecting on this past Covid year anniversary, I wondered; have small and midsize businesses (SMBs) adapted to the accelerated work from home trend? What steps has your business made to adapt to the new working reality? Most SMBs weren’t set up for Work from Home (WFH), and still aren’t, facing daily productivity and security issues. Have you created an email chain to chase down a document? Or TRIED to retrieve a document that resides in a system not accessible from your home network. FRUSTRATING. This happened to a colleague a few weeks ago! These challenges can cause unnecessary bottlenecks for your employees. And pose a security risk to your business. Discover how to gain control over your documents and minimize the security risks of WFH by levering a cloud-based document management system.

    Why Secure Cloud Information Management?

    “74% of CFOs surveyed intent to shift some employees to permanently working from home” (Gartner Poll, 2020). Investment into a cloud-based document management system will play a big role in ensuring your employees have access to systems and information to effectively do their jobs. Implementing SCIM will allow your workforce to work productively, effectively, and closely together, while social distancing (wink face) from home. Being cloud-based, your employees will have access to important documents from anywhere at any time, securely.

    SCIM will keep you and your documents organized, without experiencing Zoom fatigue from endless touchpoint meetings. Be confident that you are working off the latest documents (capitalizing on SCIM interactive features). And not on v3, while Betty is working on v4. MADNESS.

    Gain control over file sharing

    To do our jobs, we need access to files. How do we gain access while working remotely? The answer is simple, using email. Employees were forced to share documents outside of their organizations existing infrastructure because they did not or could not gain access to their company’s network. The pandemic gave us no choice but to implement a functional WFH strategy, regardless of the security implications. “90% of IT professional believe remote workers are not secure”(OpenVPN).  Most security breaches are caused by human error via an email phishing scam. “96% of executives are unable to distinguish a phishing email from a legitimate one 100% of the time” (KNOWBE4). Using email for unnecessary file sharing opens up your business to preventable cybersecurity risks. Ensure your organization has the proper policies in place to ensure data protection and business continuity.

    Why a cloud based-model for information management?

    Do you have the IT infrastructure in place to install any software or the qualified employees to maintain these systems? Traditional software is a great option if you have the IT infrastructure and personnel to run it. Save your company time and resources. Embrace the cloud-based model.

    Top 5 benefits of going cloud:

    1. Installing a document management system requires IT infrastructure that is often underutilized by your business. A cloud-based model allows you to pay for what you use rather than what you need to install the system.
    2. Keep up with the rapidly changing IT landscape. Don’t worry about upgrading your IT infrastructure in 5 years. A cloud-based model ensures you always have up-to-date systems.
    3. Gain a team of IT professionals who constantly monitor and secure your information.
    4. Streamline your environment. By leveraging the cloud, your data lives in one centralized system that provides users with a uniform experience.
    5. A cloud-based model will grow with you.

    The merging of document management and cloud is like Michael Jordon and Scottie Pippen playing for the Bulls in the 90s. A winning combination. By implementing a cloud-based document management system, you’re gaining control over your documents. Gaining access to a secure and monitored environment. And giving your employees the tools to work productively and securely, without putting your business at risk. Check out SCIM.

    April 05, 2021

    Content Management, Digital Transformation

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