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  • Don’t Leave Money on The Table: 3 Reasons to Invest in Digital Print

    By not investing in digital print, you’re affecting your bottom line.

    , Marketing Specialist

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    Today’s customers are looking for fast, cost-effective, easy-to-order services. And in 2020, these targets are achievable for your business by utilizing digital print technology and workflow automation software.  As discussed in our last article, Judge a Book by Its Cover, the landscape in which today’s professional print businesses operate has transformed.  Digital print is not a replacement for your traditional offset printing capabilities. It’s an enhancement to your printing portfolio and product offerings. And invites a new stream of clients and revenue to your business. It’s like asking a woman to choose between a heel and a sneaker for a hike. Both shoes serve their purpose in the proper context. As do both printers. Digital print is designed to fill the gap that exists in the marketplace. Offset printing is great for large runs, such as newspaper printing. SMBs usually don’t have that need. By not investing in digital print, you are excluding potential clients who are looking for fast, budget-friendly printed materials.

    Tomorrow’s print customer is looking for 3 main criteria when choosing their print service providers. Automation, customization, and speed. Luckily, these criteria positively affect your bottom line.


    By automating the front-end process through a web-based storefront portal, you will increase your employees’ productivity. And foster a customer centric-experience. Web-to-print allows your clients the ability to order your services on-demand. Saving your employees the headaches of order taking and tracking. Implementing workflow automation software will relieve bottlenecks and redundancies your employees are facing. Your print operators won’t lose time reprinting a job where 10% of the colour was off because your system wasn’t able to detect colour discrepancies, nor will you lose the revenue. These value-added services are essential in having a competitive advantage in today’s digital marketplace.


    Variable data printing is a tool to set you apart from the competition. When used with other services, such as direct mail, you can provide your clients with the tools for a successful marketing campaign.  “Adding a person’s name, full colour, and more sophisticated database information can increase the response rate by 500% vs. not doing any of those things”( Konica Minolta U.S.A, 2020). And you can offer it at a competitive price-point.


    Traditional printing cannot compete with the turnaround time digital print offers your customers. The faster you can turnaround a job efficiently, the more productive your business becomes. Upping the number of jobs you can take on will positively affect your bottom line.

    When we tie these 3 criteria together, you are easing bottlenecks, redundancies, and increasing productivity.  These value-added services are crucial to any digital print strategy and aid in client retention. Want to know more? Click here to get in contact with an industrial print specialist. And learn how to implement these digital-first strategies for your business.  Grow your customers.  Expand your business.  We can help.

    Konica Minolta U.S.A (GCIP). (2020). Graphic Communications and Industrial Print Playbook. CountOnKonicaMinolta.com


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    Direct mail marketing campaigns continue to generate higher response rates, greater brand awareness, and higher levels of customer engagement than digital mail campaigns. So why does direct mail continue to get such a bad rap in 2019? (more…)

    Marketing Services, Production Print


    Today, there are a number of finishing accessories which can be placed in-line with your production print equipment to produce a finished product. In-line finishing has moved beyond basic stapling, saddle-stitching, hole-punching and folding to a higher level of capability which can generate immense new value for you and your customers. (more…)

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    Flexible Financing: Why You Should Lease Your Print Equipment

    , Director of Leasing, Konica Minolta Premier Finance

    In my role as Director of Leasing for Konica Minolta Premier Finance, it should come as no surprise that I get asked a lot of questions related to financing. Everything from “how much money is due upfront?” to “what are my options when my term is over?” If it has to do with financing, I’ve probably been asked it a dozen times. However, far and away the most common question related to equipment financing I receive is: “lease or loan?” (more…)

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    Variable Data Printing: The Power of Personalization

    , National Manager, Production Print, Professional Services and Solutions

    The first digital printing press was introduced by Benny Landa in the early 1990s.  Since then, digital printing devices have come to penetrate every corner of the market – everything from cut sheet pages to wide format signage. As a byproduct of this new digital era, two new market opportunities have presented themselves – one, the introduction of cost-effective short-run printing and two, variable data printing (VDP). (more…)

    Production Print

    Automated Colour Calibration

    , Product Marketing Manager, Production

    I wish I had a dime – alright, a dollar – for every time a digital press operator has asked: “How often should I calibrate my device?” I wouldn’t quite be a millionaire, but I’d certainly be buying a few more caffé lattes in place of my usual double-double. (more…)

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