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  • Your IT Journey: Becoming the Workplace of the Future™

    This blog is the first in a series that will help you create a roadmap for your journey to build a better IT system.

    The digital revolution has been underway for some time, and yet the impact of technological change remains a future concern for many businesses. This can be attributed to the steady and incremental pace at which technological breakthroughs typically impact our daily lives. Over time, however, this technology creep is significant and its impact is only recognized when looking in the rear-view mirror. Businesses must continuously prepare for and adapt to change consistently; else they risk falling too far behind to stay in the race.

    While some organizations have managed to evolve with the digital revolution, others have struggled to gain momentum, and in some cases even to begin. Although the Workplace of the Future™ may be here already, it is continuously evolving to meet the needs of tomorrow. Maintaining day-to-day business activities, financing innovation, and planning for future growth all at once is only possible with the support of an advanced and adaptable IT organization.

    Shareholders demand short-term results which enhance profits often with little regard for employee experience or social responsibility. This short-term pressure to achieve does not always complement the need for investment in future needs, meaning employees are trying to keep up with the demanding pace of today’s work using yesterday’s technology. Workplace technology must enable productivity, and the workplace itself must adapt to our changing social environment.

    The time is now to plan and protect your business from external elements that can have a profound effect in the near term. A recent Fortune 500 survey of CEOs found that while 71% consider their company to be a “technology company,” the largest concern shared by CEOs is the “rapid pace of technological change and cybersecurity.”


    Getting Started


    A successful IT Journey requires you to identify measurable and achievable milestones, and commit to following a methodical approach with gradual, incremental change. Below are four steps to take before embarking on your IT Journey:


    1. Assess Your Current State:


    You need to know where your technology stands before you can make any changes. An assessment will help you develop an IT roadmap by documenting your existing infrastructure, taking inventory of your current devices and identifying any issues you should prioritize as part of your IT Journey. This can be done in-house if you have the skills and manpower available, otherwise opt for an independent Infrastructure Assessment.


    2. Discover Deadlines:


    The roadmap for your IT Journey will be driven in large part by relevant deadlines such as hardware renewals, software end-of-life dates, and other technology-driven contracts. Making sure your software is up-to-date is important when preparing to solidify your company’s IT infrastructure.


    3. Determine Executive Vision:


    Nothing wastes more time than making concrete plans only to find out that your boss has different goals in mind. Before constructing the roadmap for your IT Journey, learn where the executive team sees the business three, five, and ten years down the line. Get opinions from different functional areas, ensuring that Finance, Marketing, and Sales are aligned on the business goals before starting to formally map out your IT Journey.


    4. Assemble the Right Team:


    Successfully creating and implementing a roadmap for your IT Journey will not be a one-person job. Be sure to engage individuals who will play a critical role in goals and projects to be a part of your team. It may be beneficial to have a Project Manager as well, as they will have experience staying on track and on budget.


    Where to Next?


    The future workplace is intelligent. It is where people, spaces, and devices connect intuitively. Where the information you need is delivered based on how you like to work. It is a place where all your IT can be accessed and managed in one single place. Where effective collaboration becomes the norm and business efficiency is essential.

    Every business may have a different starting point and path toward the Workplace of the Future™, but the milestones are communal and measurable. To be successful, your organization must embrace a culture of innovation led by executive sponsorship for change, investment, and advancement. The following image shows the major milestones that are present in Konica Minolta’s IT Journey, from initiation to maintenance.


    Part two in our blog series will be posted next week and will outline the initial set-up phase of the IT Journey.


    July 30, 2019

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